Virgil “Ray” Stebbins

Songwriter, Arranger, Vocalist, Guitarist, Harmonica

 An Original Artist, with many songs to his credit. He also covers many Americana Favorites with O’Dark:30.

Writing has been the focus of his musical career and covering songs by great artist’s has been one of his great musical pleasures. He’s collaborated with many great musicians during his career and each one has had an influence on him. He brings all these factors into focus with O’Dark:30’s music.

A family man, businessman and Racing team owner/driver, his influences and interests are diverse. With O’Dark:30, he is reaching for even more

Carey Sorrell

Drums & Vocals

A Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Arranger, as well as an outstanding drummer, Carey adds the heartbeat to O’Dark:30 with his expressive drum work. He has played almost all styles and genres of music and he adds the glue that puts together all the diverse talents in O’Dark:30. He brings a wealth of musical experience to O’Dark:30.

A businessman, Family man and Patriot, Carey enjoys sharing and helping many musical artist’s in the Pacific NW musical community.

Phil Derrick

Guitars & Vocals

Phil is an accomplished musician with many successful ventures prior to becoming the guitarist for O’Dark:30. He was a member of the popular NW bands, Groove Bender & Mental Rex. He opened for Black Flag in the Showbox theater at the age of 18 and was featured on Seattle’s KISW in March 2016 for Local band of the Week. We was on a Globally viewed TV spot in 1998 with V12 Records.

An outstanding songwriter, himself. He enjoys the quiet life in the Pacific NW. He brings a great amount of experience and talent to O’Dark:30 with his style and performance.

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